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Greetings from the new TNF team

, by TNF Editorial Board

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European federalists at the March For Europe in Rome in March 2017. Photo: JEF-Italy // Facebook

The New Federalist now has a new editorial team, ready to move TNF and Europe forward! We’re looking to build a closer partnership with our sister editions, and to publish ever more diverse content. It’s all done with your help, so feel free to email us at tnf at jef.eu with articles and other proposals!

The new team comes from all across Europe, with lots and lots of stories to tell. Here’s a brief introduction of each editor!

Radu Dumitrescu (Editor-in-Chief)

Radu Dumitrescu is currently an MA student in Comparative Politics at the Faculty of Political Science, part of Romania’s University of Bucharest. While particularly interested in electoral behavior and corporate citizenship, he keeps a keen eye on everything related to the EU. Most recently, he has become one of the founding members of an initiative group seeking to establish a JEF charter in Romania. Writing has been Radu’s passion long before he discovered the field of politics. Active in a student club along with a few colleagues while in college, he sharpened his editorial skills and kept the organization present on social media, enlarging its readership. Doing his internship at the Presidential Administration of Romania after briefly testing his pen in marketing, Radu has finally united his passion and occupation with the new position as Editor-in-Chief of The New Federalist along with Juuso Järviniemi.

Juuso Järviniemi (Editor-in-Chief)

Originally from Tampere, Finland, Juuso has lived in Edinburgh in the UK since 2016, studying International Relations. He joined JEF in Finland while still in high school, and has been engaged with Young European Movement UK ever since moving to Scotland. In the past, Juuso owned a personal Europe-related website, but has now found a new home in The New Federalist. Having been in the editorial team for around a year, he’s keen to lay the groundwork for an ever more engaging and influential federalist platform as a part of the TNF team!

Samuel Mork Bednarz (Communications Officer)

I am a third-year student at SGS in Aalborg, Denmark. Working on a bachelor in popular literature but planning on making it into a masters degree. I have two articles accepted for publication at the Huffington Post. I also run the Rise of a Writer, which is a website on all kinds of literature, from political articles to short stories and poetry to theatre plays and movie scripts. I also develop and manage the SGS art centre’s online video content which is mostly interviews, podcasts or video essays on literature and art. I am politically active and I both read and write on political topics regularly. I would probably be best described as a social democrat. I believe that a free market and social policies are both necessary for a healthy community. We should regulate as little as possible and as much as necessary and what exactly is “necessary” will be decided by its effect on the quality of life for both consumers and producers. All policies ought to aim to improve the quality of life for the community.

Michał Jarski (Communications Officer)

Michał has been a Communications Officer at The New Federalist since late 2016. He is a member of JEF in Poland, and has put his programming skills into practice by coding websites for JEF-Poland and others. He studies International Relations at the University of Warsaw, and knows Italian in addition to Polish and English.

Lorène Weber (Chief Translator for French)

I’ve been a member of JEF for two years, former Secretary General of JEF Bordeaux, vice-president in charge of militancy of UEF Paris, and now active member of JEF Bruges. I’ve also been a contributor for Le Taurillon (writing, translations and proofreading of articles), and I now continue the adventure as Chief Translator French / English for The New Federalist! Translations are one of the most important ways to galvanize the relations between our language versions, to enrich our content and our views, and to gain visibility. In addition to my own translations, I’ll have my heart set on recruiting translators and developing the relations between TNF and Le Taurillon!

Eva Jovanova (Chief Translator for German)

Eva is a Skopje native and a fresh European Studies graduate from the Otto von Guericke University in Magdeburg, Germany. She has been highly active in JEF, both in Magdeburg and Macedonia. As a passionate European, Eva is committed to bringing bottom-up democratisation and Europeanization to her native Macedonia, where she organized (and lectured at) a summer school on European values in 2017. Also, Eva is a passionate polyglot, fluent in Macedonian, Serbo-Croatian, English, German, Spanish, and Russian. She spends her free time learning new languages and becoming the Chief Translator for German for The New Federalist will help her unite her two biggest passions - Europe and languages!

Giulia Querini (Chief Translator for Italian)

Giulia is an Italian graduate in Interpreting and Translation and is fluent in Italian, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, while sparing some free time to learn Arabic and German. She has acquired a degree in Euro-Mediterranean Affairs and Human Rights, and has subsequently worked on migration and asylum affairs. She occasionally writes articles on those topics for an Italian pro-european online newspaper, La Nuova Europa. A committed European and Mediterranean citizen with a life mission to build bridges and not walls, Giulia started her JEF experience in 2016 in Paris and in 2017 she co-founded the JEF Venice section, where she is currently the Deputy Secretary and International Officer of the branch. She now merged her love for translation with the commitment for the European Federal project as Chief Translator for Italian at The New Federalist - and she’s ready to rock!

Věra Dvořáková (Chief Translator for Spanish)

I am quite new to the world of JEF as I became a Deputy Board Member of JEF in North Denmark (Europæisk Ungdom Nordjylland) in September 2017. I was a part of the editorial board at my high school, participated in the Prague Student Summit and worked as an au pair in Spain where I fell in love with the Spanish language. Translations are for me a way of bringing people from different countries closer together so that they get to know another point of view and are thus able to formulate their opinions better. Therefore, I’ll do everything I can to recruit new translators and strengthen the TNF’s ties to Spanish!

Willem van Boxtel (Headhunter)

Willem has been a TNF editorial team member since late 2016. Originally from the Netherlands, he studies Creative Writing and English language at the University of Birmingham. As the Headhunter, Willem seeks new authors and guest submissions for The New Federalist.

Anna Wilson (Interviews & Features Officer)

A University of Warwick graduate, Anna now studies at the College of Europe in Warsaw. She has worked for the BBC, covering parliamentary debates and participating in the production of The Andrew Marr Show. In the past, she has also worked for the Europe Direct Information Office in Vienna, and as the Communications Officer of Young European Movement UK.
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